Arkansas Rainbow Pyramid Point


This 4.5″-long quartz crystal was mined in 1985.
It resided in my collection over the last 35 years.
With the unique crystals that I love, I always thoroughly photograph them before I sell them.

The strange inclusion in this ancient kaleidoscopic stone attracted my attention, as I had never seen a triangular rainbow before.
I have only seen one other since then.
This rainbow was formed at the junction/interface of two parallel crystals.
You can see how the colored triangle/pyramid is visible through two adjacent facets.
Each view shows somewhat different colors and patterns.
The rainbows are a refractory effect which changes with the viewing angle.
I traded the stone for chiropractic services many years ago, but missed it so much that I finally bought it back!
We polished the bottom so it would stand up vertically.
Also, one facet was highly polished to optimize viewing of the rainbow.

Retail Value: $750

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