Altars And Museum Displays

Altars are places used for focusing meditational or prayerful intent. An altar can be an area or even a room set up for contemplation, connecting with divinity or contacting your inner self.

Many people use visual items to help their inner focus.

  • crystals
  • flowers
  • pictures
  • paintings

Natural items like stones, crystals, wood and flowers are particularly helpful in relating to the elemental energies of the Earth.

We can help you find out which crystals and gemstones would be appropriate for your altar space.

Visually and energetically, certain stones seem to work well for healing intentions, Feng Shui and promoting altered states.

Special lighting is often incorporated in the drama of the altar.

We can help with suggestions for design layouts and lighting installations.

Some of these particular stones are available for sale.

Please ask us about creating a unique display for your sacred space.

[email protected]

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Showing 1–12 of 19 results