Elestial Smoky Quartz Crystal 10


This rarest of stones on earth shows a flat thin white crystal, surrounded on all 6 sides by many smoky quartz “twins.”

These 6 extra fine double enders perfectly align in parallel with the white tabular (flat) inner scepter.

You can see the white crystal projecting out both ends of the smoky grouping.

This may look like a “cluster” of crystals.

It is actually one crystal that kept splitting during its rapid growth.

This elestial smoky quartz crystal contains sand, clay, iron, water, and microscopic water bubbles.

All these inclusions helped to create multiple colors and patterns inside the crystal.

A true collectors piece, the likes of which has never been seen in this perfect condition before!

Price available on request.

Height   7.5″   19.0 cm

Height with stand 8.8″   22.3 cm

Width 4.7″   11.9 cm

Depth   3.3″   8.3  cm

Weight   3.9 pounds   1.8 kg

Weight with stand  5.1 pounds 2.3 kg