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Crystal Treasure Trove

Volume 1 of the series

Crystal Collecting with Crystal Bill

Crystal Bill discovered a great love for the mineral kingdom the first time he picked up an Arkansas quartz crystal. It started “buzzing” in his hand, and felt alive. Bill had an instant experience that matter and energy really are the same thing!

Now you can share the mineral wisdom that Bill has discovered over the last 40 years. After collecting crystals from around the world, “Crystal Bill” Kaunitz noticed a resemblance between natural crystals and historical architecture. He developed specialized lighting techniques for photographing the miniature crystals that best represent castles, cathedrals and crystal cities.

In his first book, Bill wanted to share this introduction to the life of crystal collecting so much that he sorted through 70,000 pictures to bring you these first 250 images to tickle your imagination. You could think of this book as Bill’s resume. His next book, Elegant Crystal Treasures, continues the theme of crystal clarity as a way of life.

CRYSTAL TREASURE TROVE will introduce his discoveries about:

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