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“Crystal Bill” Kaunitz brings you spectacular rainbow imagery found inside ancient quartz crystals. The beauty of these transparent eternal stones combines wonderfully with the precision of high-resolution macro-photography. Crystal Bill searches through tons of crystals to find outstanding natural artworks that formed 200 million years ago.

The patterns you see in these fine art photos existed from the beginning of time. The pure colors offer therapeutic effects by stimulating your imagination, the retinas of your eyes, and hopefully your heart and spirit.

Crystal Bill photographs the most unusual patterns in a variety of palettes and shapes from these small natural holograms. The original rainbow patterns in quartz crystals range from 1/4 inch long to 8 inches wide. We magnify the rainbows by printing up to 8-foot long panels, permanently sealed onto metal plates. Multiple panels can be placed together for even larger displays, even 100 feet long.

This photography is extremely durable, and is appropriate for indoor or outdoor displays. The lightweight panels can be safely washed or wiped clean. Prices are available on request for metal prints from 17 inches up to 8 feet long, as well as custom designed larger sizes. We also offer square, round, oval and rectangular shaped prints. Delivery time in the U.S.A. is two weeks. Please call, text or Email for a price quote or for more images from our hundreds of designs.

Email: [email protected]

Super Ball 2
Super Ball 2
Super Ball 3
Super Ball 3
Super Ball 4
Super Ball 4
Super Ball 5
Super Ball 5
Super Ball 6
Super Ball 7
Super Ball 8
Champagne Flame 1
Champagne Flame 1
Super Ball 11
Champagne Flame 2
Super Ball 12
Rainbows 1
Super Ball 13
Rainbows 2

Super Ball 9 Super Ball 9

Super Ball 14
Rainbow Valley 1
Super Ball 15
Rainbow Valley 2
Supe rBall 16
Blue Star 1
Super Ball 17
Blue Star 2
Super Ball 18
Fine Art Prints 18 Star Ball
Super Ball 20
Blue Rainbows 2
Super Ball 21
Golden Flame 1
Super Ball 22
Golden Flame 2
Fine Art Prints 24 Triple Rainbow 1
Triple Rainbow 1
Super Ball 19
Blue Rainbows 1
Fine Art Prints 25 Triple Rainbow 2
Triple Rainbow 2
Fine Art Prints 26
Ultra Rainbow 1
Fine Art Prints 27
Rainbow Point 1

Fine Art Prints 23
Fractal Flower 1
Fine Art Prints 28
Vogel Rainbow 1

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