Red Hematite and Quartz Elestial Castle


This colorful, highly detailed smoky castle shows huge areas of hematite coloring.
While it looks like a group of crystals, the entire piece is a single crystal that split into many towers as parallel twins.
This Brazilian gem is nearly 600 million years old, and still almost perfect!

Elestials are known energetically for bringing beneficial change into your life.
The parallel points put out multiple beams of power that create a symphony of higher dimensional energies.
Imagine yourself walking into this architectural wonder, to explore the Akashic libraries of infinite knowledge.

The crystal has many striations and multiple layers of minerals within.
Each facet is a window to ever-changing patterns and colors.
We have mounted it securely in a stainless steel sculpture with 8 radiating star points.
Symbolically, the star shape invokes the radiant rays of the sun to complement the multi-directional energy of the crystal.

The steel base is our special “tectonic design,” which holds the crystal securely in place on the heavy steel structure.
There is a special removable locking arm that prevents the crystal from slipping or shifting.

Crystal Height: 11 inches
Crystal Weight: 40 pounds
Height with stand: 15 inches

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