“Wisdom”- a Sculpture in Lepidolite


The “Lady of Lepidolite” Sculpture
Created by Tafadzwa Tigere Tandi

Mr. Tandi is the third generation in his family to sculpt masterful gemstone images of people and natural themes.
Between him, his father and grandfather, they have populated our planet with an entire tribe of fantastic, yet realistic stone people; eternal beings who will grace and inspire our world for all time.
The original 100-pound lepidolite boulder was nearly one billion years old! So far.
After sculpting, the artwork weighs 40 pounds.
15 inches high
8 inches wide
Retail value: $8500

Gazing upon Tafadzwa’s masterful creations always invokes strong feelings in the viewer.
My first view of Wisdom literally stopped me in my tracks.
I actually heard my shoes squeak on the floor!
I instantly fell in love with this beautiful woman, and the gracious model the sculpture was based on.
I thought her name should be “Lady of All-Encompassing Love” but the artist calls her Wisdom.
I can feel how she is wise in the ways of welcoming all who greet her.
One of my favorite aspects of this art piece is the mutability of her expressions.
I think you can see from these many photos, that she appears to express different feelings and qualities from differing viewpoints.
Her lovely face is always changing!
This life-size sculpture bust is carved all the way around, and stands stably on her flat base.
Integral carved earrings complete her timeless elegance.

Large boulders of lepidolite are mined in the Erongo Region of Namibia.
Lepidolite is a mixture of minerals resulting in a piece of stone that is technically called a “rock” of lepidolite.
The lavender boulders combine quartz, feldspar and spodumene (kunzite) which gives it the distinctive lilac color.
The white granules are pure quartz.
Other minerals may occur in trace amounts.
Every purple boulder is lovely, yet different.
The rock that was carved into this sculpture had a particularly large, consistent, evenly-distributed color and texture.
Lepidolite is the primary ore of lithium, a metal that is compounded into lithium carbonate for use as a treatment for bi-polar disorder, also called manic-depression.

The energetic/wholistic use of lepidolite embodies the qualities of the constituent minerals.
For instance, the soothing quality of kunzite “lithium aluminum silicate” moderates the tendency of pure quartz to induce rapid life changes.
The mixed minerals have a soft, yet more-than-subtle impact on uplifting your life.

Experimental reports for lepidolite include good results for:

Reorganizing old behavioral or psychological patterns
Lepidolite insists on always being used for the highest good
Crown and third eye chakra opener
Facilitates astral travel
Overcoming emotional or mental dependencies or addictions
It encourages independence and, most importantly, self-love
Clearing electromagnetic pollution
Soothes the nervous system
Lepidolite stabilizes mood swings and is excellent for menopausal symptoms
It aids in the relief of tension, especially when combined with meditation!

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