Skyline: a Giant Brazilian Quartz Crystal Cluster


Weight 3,641 pounds  1,654 kilos

Length 6 feet  183 cm

Width 6 feet   183 cm

Height 3 feet  1 meter

Hundreds of perfect points grace one of Brazil’s masterpieces.
Can you imagine the amazement of the miners when they tunneled down to this giant?
At nearly 2 tons weight, the crystal had to be slid out of the ground through a 100-foot long tunnel.

The price of this crystal includes shipping and installation.
Skyline can also be displayed standing upright, with a display height over 7 feet.
We will deign and build a sculptural stand at no additional cost.

Skyline’s nickname is The “Oh-My-God Crystal.” Everyone who walks into its presence says, Oh My God!

Retail Value : $1,250,000

For your ordering safety, we do not accept online payments.
Please phone, text or email Crystal Bill in California at
Phone/text 1-415-318-6717
[email protected]
We accept checks, cards, Zelle, bank wires and direct bank deposits.

All prices include free delivery in the San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area.
California customers add 9% sales tax.


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