The King’s Scepter Elestial Crystal


The King’s Scepter Elestial Crystal

This is my first elestial crystal.
Call it beginner’s luck if you will, but it is still my favorite and most valuable elestial crystal.
Retail Value: Priceless

I got this one so long ago, that the word “elestial” did not even exist.
I found the crystal in 1980, at a wonderful “crystal cabin” in the hills north of Los Angeles.
Just getting there was a magical journey, involving lucid dreams, true prophecy, remote viewing and great canyon landscapes.
When I laid eyes on this crystal, I fell in love with it immediately.
I didn’t just love it, I admired it in awe.
This is nature’s most sophisticated expression in the mineral kingdom.

This elestial was the first “crystal castle” I ever saw.
I immediately recognized it as an ancient, yes, prehistoric and pre-human form of nature’s architectural symmetry.

It would be no surprise to me, if the ancient builders of castles and cathedrals used these 100% natural crystal shapes for their conceptual models.

Before 1983, these magical quartz patterns were called Jacare quartz, from the Brazilian word for caiman animals; little alligators.

Other names were applied to describe the repeating, faceted, scale-like patterns:
Jacare crystal, Alligator quartz, Hopper crystals, Skeletal quartz,
Skeleton quartz, Crystal Cities, Smoky quartz scepters, Fenster (window) crystals.

In 1983, Katrina Raphael coined the word “elestial” from the root word “celestial”, in her wonderful book titled Crystal Enlightenment.
Check out my crystal photo on the cover!

This amazing spiraling smoky scepter has an integral crystal handle projecting from the bottom.
When I first met the crystal, I had a vision of mounting it on an ebony shaft, chased with inlaid 24 karat gold.

In my subsequent 40 years of searching, I have only found one comparable crystal.
It is still the best, with hundreds of precise, artistic facets, placed into one small package.
A custom steel stand, with antique-faux gold finish is included with the scepter.

Please examine the photo where the crystal took the purple light from behind it, and turned it pink!
It was quite a surprise- I have never seen another crystal that changed colored light like that.
The citrine tones of the crystal cancelled out the blue component of the purple light to allow the red rays to come through.

I have spent years photographing this crystal.
I even developed special optical techniques for depicting the delicate patterns on the faces.

The King’s Scepter can help teach you the “Crystal Language of Light.”

Height 6.8″ 17.2 cm
Height with stand 9″ 22.8 cm
Width 4.5″ 11.4 cm
Depth 3.6″ 9.1 cm
Weight 3.4 pounds 1.5 kg
Weight with stand 4.9 pounds 2.2 kg

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