Elestial Smoky Quartz Crystal 13


This Brazilian smoky scepter has an integral handle, an “inner crystal” that projects out the bottom.

At 26 pounds, it is too heavy to hold in one hand!

The dark, nearly black stone has traces of mineral clay colors in it, providing wide-range healing and grounding energies.

This intense crystal looks great from every angle.

You can use it to anchor the life-giving “chi energy” for your whole house.

Feel the vibes!

Height with stand 15″ 38.1 cm

Height  13.8″ 35.0 cm

Width   8.5″ 21.5 cm

Depth   8″ 20.3 cm

Weight  26 pounds  11.8 kg

Weight with stand  44.5 pounds  20.2 kg

Retail Value: $4,400
Sale Price:   $3,850