Giant Herkimer Citrine Quartz Cluster


This New York smoky quartz specimen contains two huge 7″ Herkimer quartz crystals, an unusual occurrence.
This is one of the largest perfect Herkimer County, N.Y. crystals ever mined.

Most Herkimer “diamonds” are under 1″ long.
This grouping is 8″ wide and 7″ tall.
On the stand, the whole sculpture is 10″ high.

The entire piece has 3 crystals, totaling over 8″ wide.
We have mounted the crystal for best display in a solid steel stand.
It is easy to remove the crystal to hold it, and simple to reinstall.

This smoky quartz shows up as golden citrine when illuminated from the back.
It has HUNDREDS of vivid glittering rainbows inside.
You will find mysterious layers of precise striations on the surface and throughout the crystal.

There are spots of fossilized carbon on the bottom- remains of ancient ferns and plants.

Retail Value: $3500

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