Pure Lab Quartz Crystal



This historical Laboratory Cluster was grown in a 15-foot tall pressure cooker in Cleveland, Ohio, by Dr. Vladimir Klipov. Dr. Klipov is one of America’s premier quartz crystal expert in the field of accelerated crystal growth. This perfectly pure quartz cluster has flat, luminous sides and extraordinary clarity inside. There are colored deposits of trace metals in pink, purple, green and yellow areas.

In the pressure cooker, seed plates of steel and quartz are placed in the hot pressurized solution. The cluster grows up and out until it pushes against the side of the tank. Then it grows sideways in a large curve, conforming to the shape of the vat.

This is the first, and largest pure lab quartz crystal cluster created over a 3-year period by hydro-thermal processes. In every sense, it is a beautiful sculpture created by Dr. Vladimir and signed by him with a diamond stylus. Dr. Vladimir’s creations rival the perfection of the finest natural quartz clusters, from Collier Creek, Arkansas, and the crystal mines of Muzo, Columbia.

Retail Value: $7,500

Sale Price:  $7,000