“Passion Fruit” Tourmaline Crystal


Have you ever seen Watermelon Tourmaline?
That unusual member of the tourmaline family, has a red or pink core surrounded by a bright green outer “rind.” It is a visually stunning and electrically active piezo-electric crystal, evincing power beyond most crystals’ capabilities.

We now present a related, rare find for your enjoyment.
This bi-colored tourmaline crystal, in gold and red, is so rare that it doesn’t have a common, historical or generic mineral name.
I decided to call this “Passion Fruit Tourmaline.”
There are several tropical fruits that have similar color schemes, but Passion Fruit has the closest color range.
I like the emphasis on Passion, which is what I felt on seeing and holding this giant gem for the first time.

This all-natural gemstone weighs just clear of 1/2 a pound- 224 grams.
At 1,120 carats, it is noticeably dense and heavy in your palm-
a handful of power potential.
One end has multiple terminations- over 33 tiny individual points, cocooned in a swath of brilliant white microcline feldspar.
Two small crystal cities grace the sides, and drusy pink sparkles glitter everywhere.
The sides display a couple of shimmering pink iris rainbows as well.

The bottom end was detached during harvesting, from the matrix rock, and came off cleanly.
You can see the full width of the golden core, with clear red tourmaline around the sides and top.
When backlit, the whole stone glows.
The gold shines through, and warms up the pink in its unique color palette.

2.5″ long by 2″ wide
6.35cm long by 5.1cm wide

Retail Value: $8,500

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