Brazilian Amethyst Geode Thrones


Brazilian Amethyst Geode Thrones
6.5 feet tall & 7 feet tall

1200 pounds; 1700 pounds
The walls of these geodes contain over 1,000 pounds of gem quality amethyst crystals, deep purple in color.

A natural amethyst bench seat at the bottom allows you to sit inside the crystal cave (with a thick pillow!)

This 6.5′ tall throne will accommodate people inside, up to 6’8″ tall.

The amethyst flows into an extremely strong agate shell, coated with Celadonite (green amethyst.)

These museum quality pieces display the unusual talent of allowing you INSIDE the crystal.
You can use a geode throne as an energy amplifier with an accompanying set of 2-foot wide quartz singing bowls.
The deep tones of the bowls create a resounding OM frequency when you sit inside the royal purple cave.
Every cell in your body vibrates to the powerful tones amplified by the crystal cave.
Your whole body will feel the rejuvenating energy fully!
A magical, long lasting experience, with beneficial health effects on many levels.

Experience the power of a Brazilian Amethyst Geode Throne for spiritual development, longevity and optimal health.
This natural healing amplifier comes with a set of large crystal singing bowls.
The bowls help optimize micro-circulation in every cell of your body.
You can feel the energy!

Two giant geodes are currently available for sale.
Each one will accommodate a person up to 6’8″ tall, sitting inside, for meditation and sonic treatments with crystal singing bowls.
The sonic effect is amazingly powerful, where you can literally feel all your cells vibrating.
Your purchase comes with a special resonating box that holds two giant crystal bowls that create powerful binaural beat frequencies.
It is designed so one person can play two bowls simultaneously.

Brainwave entrainment is instantaneous, and takes people to the source of the Universe in a timeless moment.
I have seen instantaneous geode healings on the physical level, profound emotional clearings and amazing connections with spirit.

The shorter geode can fit a person up to 300 pounds weight.
The larger geode has a tighter opening, allowing large but not over-sized persons inside.

Dimensions for the 6’5″ tall geode:
approx 1200 pounds 545 kg
28” wide 71 cm
32” deep 81 cm
78” tall 199 cm

Dimensions for the 7′ tall geode:
approx 1700 pounds 772 kg
36” wide 92 cm
36” deep 92 cm
83.75” tall 212.8 cm

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