Crystal Points

When quartz crystals are mined, many single points separate from their neighbors or from the matrix rock. These single crystals may have:
one “point” or “termination”
points on both ends
or more than one point on either end, multiple termiated.
[show_more more=”Read More” less=”Read Less” color=”#0066CC” list=”»”] These single crystals typically have 6 facets on the long sides and six facets at the point. These are called “all natural crystal points.”

If a point comes out of the ground with chips on it, several facets might be polished to remove the damage. I call this “selective polishing.” Sometimes the entire crystal will be polished to best show off the interior patterns and clarity. I would call that “completely polished quartz.”
Generally, crystals with dark, broken, rough or frosty facets will be polished. This happens a lot with crystals from Brazil and Madagascar.
Arkansas crystals and some Brazil quartz points have clear shiny facets that need no polishing. When a crystal is completely polished, the base is often cut flat so the crystal will stand straight up.

Quartz crystal caves, and geodes, contain clear crystals pointing out from every surface. During the mining, many individual crystals are harvested which have separated from the walls, usually due to ancient earthquakes. These single points can range from 1/4″ high to 20 feet long, or more! High quality crystals are glossy, and look great once the dirt and iron are removed from their surfaces/facets. Other clear crystals have crusty mineral deposits on them that do not wash off. In Brazil and Madagascar, these single points are first polished down to the clear zones. Then the bottom is cut flat and polished so the crystal will stand up vertically. I call these “crystal towers” or lighthouses. They resemble Egyptian obelisks, which have 4 flat sides and a tiny pyramid at the tip. The crystal towers have 6 sides, with a six-sided pyramid at the point. These are elegant shapes for display on tables and altars. The vertical presentation helps connect the energies of Heaven and Earth.

Double Ender, DT, Double Terminated, Double-Term crystals:
A double-terminated crystal has one major point on each end. These crystals are complete unto themselves; they have reached a point of perfection on both ends. DTs grow floating in the center of a crystal pocket, or are lightly attached to other crystals. They may have no attachment points as “floater crystals.” DTs connect opposites, and bring all situations into balance. A double terminator can help spin out blocked energies from your body or living space with vortex energy. When used in healing, the energy heals in two directions – towards your client and back to you.

Generator – A generator is a large single crystal, from 5 pounds to several tons! It can be used for energizing temples, houses and other large spaces. Large generator crystals can connect you with cosmic forces. Some of these large crystals have their bases cut flat and polished. Then the crystal stands up perfectly vertical as a representation of the connection of Heaven and Earth. The largest quartz generator ever found weighed an estimated 88,000 pounds! An even larger kunzite crystal (brown spodumene) was once found in Russia. It was over 150 feet long, and is supposedly still in the ground, being way too large to move.[/show_more]

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