White & Green Fluorescence in Colorado Quartz


This 7.5″ wide cluster of quartz crystals on feldspar shows a most rare phenomenon: 2 types of fluorescence in one faceted mineral specimen.
Out of all the hundreds of crystals mined on Mt. Antero, this was the only one that I know of, that shows a white fluorescent color, along with the green glowing chalcedony specific to that location.
A rarity amongst rarities, with a dramatic array of vivid color when displayed under short wave “black light.”
Under long wave ultraviolet light, the green hues show up as pale yellow glowing tones.
These is no other location on earth that exhibits this combination of minerals and colors.
Crystal cities cover this intriguing landscape that formed millions of years ago in the Rocky Mountains.

Retail Value: $1500
Sale Price: $1200