Ultimate Crystal: Six-Ton Arkansas Quartz Giant Crystal Cluster


Arkansas quartz crystal cluster

Height 9 feet  3 meters

Width 4 feet   1.45 meters

Depth 4 feet   1.45 meters

Weight approximately 13,000 pounds  5,909 kg

Every time I see this crystal, my heart starts racing! It was definitely love at first sight.

It is set on a stainless steel platform in the vertical position so that you can see all the parts of it.

This is the way it grew in the ground- vertically, reaching to the Heavens while still inside the Earth.

Originally formed over one mile underground, millions of years of erosion brought it within 100 feet of the surface.

Geologists estimate this crystal is 288 million years old.

There are many massive double-ended crystal points on the front.

All the points are pristine and perfect.

“Awesome” is the appropriate word for this King of the Crystals.

It is an ultimate museum display piece in the quartz mineral world.

The price includes delivery and installation.

Value : $5,000,000