Twin Brazilian Amethyst Geodes on Stands


150-pound & 155-pound Amethyst Geode Halves

Amethyst geodes are found in Southern Brazil near extinct volcanoes.
These purple crystal caves (some of which can be 10 to 40 feet long!)
grow inside hollow spaces left by the movement of volcanic gas bubbles.
The walls of the amethyst geodes are typically formed in 4 layers:

1. The outside wall is celadonite, a form of dusky green amethyst.
This thin, crumbly layer can be scraped off, polished off, or reinforced with glue, wire and cement to make the geode stronger.
2. Agate, typically grey or misty white, is a quartz-based compound that provides amazing strength to the geode shell.
3. White quartz at the base of the crystals is often milky and may be alternately layered with the agate.
4. Clear, faceted amethyst crystals.
These are chemically similar to quartz, but contain additional amounts of iron and manganese.
All four layers are minerals based on silica/quartz.

The geodes are mined by cutting away the rock surrounding them with air-powered jack hammers.
Then any additional matrix rock is carefully chipped off.
Giant circular power-saws slice open the halves into matched sets.
The irregular bottoms are leveled with mortar so the geodes can stand tall.
The mortar bases provide stability and levelness, while keeping the tall geodes from being top-heavy.
Dark green paint matches the original celadonite colors.
Crystal Height: 34 inches
Crystal Width: 18 inches
Crystal Depth: 8 inches
Height with stands- 44 inches
Weight per half: 150 pounds, 155 pounds

Retail value: $10,000 per pair

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