Small Crystals and Minerals- Wholesale Prices!


Crystals for collectors and wholesale dealers

Please come visit us in person, or you can order from our photos, and get fast shipping.
Shipping charges are negotiable.
Large orders qualify for discounts.

By appointment only in Salinas, Monterey County, California.
Come enjoy our thousands of crystals in stock.
All kinds and sizes of crystals and minerals.
I am available for appointments every day, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

My friends call me Crystal Bill.
I have studied crystals and collected them since 1974.
I have published nine photo e-books about crystals.
You can see two free photo books on my website:


Check out my wholesale prices, shown in purple ink on these photos.
The minimum wholesale order is $100.
Show me a copy of your state resale license if you want to skip paying sales tax.
Credit card orders- add 4% processing fees.
We accept cash, checks, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, all cards, wire transfers and direct bank deposits.

Many larger crystals are available as well, up to 3500-pound gem stones.

Purple Agate
Zebra Agate
Amethyst From Brazil
Amethyst From Africa
Super 7 Amethyst
Carved Ammonite Pyramids
Polished Ammonites
Polished Aragonite
Aragonite Clusters
Aragonite Stalactites
Polished Aventurine
Rough Aventurine
Calcite Balls
Green Calcite
Red Calcite
Calcite Septarian Nodules
Zebra Calcite
Carnelian Cabochons
Rose Chalcedony (Fluorescent!)
Congo Citrine
Green Fluorite Octahedrons
Rough Green Fluorite
Fluorite And Quartz Moon Carvings
Gabbro Hand-Holders
Hematite Clusters
Goethite Clusters
Hematite Balls
Howlite Carvings
Lapis Animals
Tumbled Lapis
Larimar Cabochons
Faceted Leaded Glass Crystals
Lepidolite Balls
Lepidolite Carvings
Pink Mica Crystals
Yellow Mica Crystals
Obsidian Eggs, Balls And Tumbled Stones
Obsidian Palm Pieces And Pyramids
Obsidian Black Mirror Plates
Obsidian Rough
Mexican Opal Cabochons
Natural Prehnite Spheres
Iron Pyrite Nodules And Clusters (Fool’s Gold)
Colorado Fluorescent Quartz
Quartz Crystal Balls, Small And Large
Smoky Quartz Points, Small And Large
Rose Quartz Rough
Clear Quartz Points, Natural And Polished
Elestial Smoky Quartz
Small Polished Smoky Crystals
African Spirit Quartz
Morocco Hematite Quartz
Arkansas Quartz Crystals And Clusters
Rhodonite Balls
Selenite Charging Plates
Selenite Points, Large And Small
Small Sand Selenites (Desert Roses)
Serpentine Palm Pieces
Shungite Pyramids And Rough
Small Black Meteorites
Tiger-Eye Carvings And Rough
Small Black Tourmalines
Polished Tumbled Ametrines
Polished Ammolyte Jewelry Pieces
Polished Rutilated Quartz
Ethiopian Opal Cabochons And Rough
Small Colorado Aquamarine Crystals
Small Lepidolite Rough
Rutile Quartz Cabochons