Stalactite Forest – Quartz Crystal Cluster with Calcite Stalactites



Brazil quartz and calcite

weight 600 pounds   272 kilograms

height  4’1″   124 cm

width    32″  81 cm

depth   17″   43 cm

This huge Quartz Crystal Cluster with Calcite Stalactites was originally found on the ceiling of a geode cave. We have leveled the base of this giant formation with cement so it stands tall and proud. It can also be displayed horizontally, for a more forest-like effect.

Quartz crystal points cover the original calcite stalactites (soda straw formations).

While the original calcite grew by water drops over eons, the drusy crystal quartz, a secondary growth, rapidly formed pure crystal casings on the calcite.

Retail Value: $19,500

Sale Price:  $17,500