Golden Towers – Natural Citrine Quartz Crystal Castle cdd13.5


This large twinned tower is fairly thin at 4″ inches depth.
It allows a lot of light to shine through, showing the full color range of gold and tan quartz.
It comes with a gold-painted steel stand at no extra cost.
While this amazing architecture looks like a group of crystals, it is really one single crystal that split and twinned in parallel growth on the wall of a cave.

This natural citrine quartz crystal castle lived in a dark cave for five hundred million years, before we brought it into the light.

Height 18″ 457 mm

Width 10.5″ 266 mm

Depth 3.8″ 96 mm

Weight 13.5 kg 29.7 pounds

Weight with stand 15 kg 33 pounds

This crystal is fairly light weight for its size, being thin, front-to-back, and is particularly easy to insert and remove from the steel stand.
The stand is hexagonal, my favorite shape, and glows gold with a bright painted faux-gold finish.

Height with stand 20″ 508 mm

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