Mica Phantom – Mica Layers in Brazilian Quartz Crystal Cluster


Mica Layers In Brazilian Quartz Crystal Cluster

weight   28 pounds  12.7 kilograms

length   10 inches   25.4 cm

width  15 inches   38.1 cm

depth   10 inches   25.4 cm

This rare quartz stalactite cluster from Brazil contains thousands of tiny crystals layered with 12 sheets of mica in each crystal.

As you move around the crystal, the mica shimmers and winks in a thousand different ways.

Only one small deposit of this unusual occurrence was ever found.

The shimmering effect is called pearlescence.”

Mica usually grows on the outside of quartz crystals, not the inside.

This unique cluster was originally part of a small geode.

Traces of iron add a peachy glow to the warmly-tinted white cluster.

Please note the clear glass coffee cup for size reference.

Retail Value: $3,200
Sale Price:  $2,800