Field Of Crystals – 10 Foot Long Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster


Long Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster – Arkansas quartz, iron oxide and manganese oxide

Approximately 10,000 pounds  4,545 kilos
6 feet wide   183 cm
10 feet long 305 cm
3 feet thick  91 cm

This huge all natural cluster exhibits the best of Arkansas quartz mines- big crystals, dramatic landscape vistas and natural colors.

It was moved from the crystal mine to the display room with the ancient Egyptian technique of rolling the huge weight on oiled logs (recycled telephone poles.)

The ice clear crystals are highlighted with a very dramatic color combination by natural colors in red (iron) and black (manganese) in between the white quartz points.

This enormous cluster was water washed, and no chemicals have been used on it.

Retail Value : $5,000,000