Crystal Waves – 8,000 Pounds Arkansas Quartz Mega Crystal


Arkansas McEarl Mine quartz cluster

Weighing over 8,000 pounds (about 3,800 kilograms), this is the largest Arkansas quartz mega-cluster ever discovered from the world’s finest quartz mine.

This vein of quartz was discovered in 1988 in the formerly abandoned crystal mine.

A quartz-lined tunnel, 35 feet long, ended in a cavern with this giant gemstone in the middle of the space.

Most of the crystals on this mountainous gemstone are ice clear or water clear.

There is a sparkling waterfall of crystals on one side.

Crystals wrap all around the cluster’s 20 foot circumference.

Astonishing clarity and size!

An ultimate breath-taking museum piece, for a large display area with 360 degrees of visibility.

Please inquire for the price of this multi-million dollar treasure.