Large Quartz Crystal Ball with Rainbow UFO and Landing Site Inside



This Madagascar crystal ball has worlds of light and universes visible within it.

The mystical sphere is ice clear right through the center.

You can see all the way through it.

There’s a huge rainbow shaped like a UFO, coming in for a landing on spectral waves of light and mist.

This bubbly chromatic landscape seems to go on forever inside this clear crystal globe.

The distant inner curvature of the ball reflects and magnifies the internal landscape, which looks four-feet deep in an 11″ ball!

Optical illusions of phantoms, colors, waves and veils appear and disappear as you easily rotate the globe in any direction on a series of ball bearings.

The globe floats on a sparkly black granite base that is 28″ tall by 20″ wide.

The crystal appears to levitate on a column of twinkling light.

There’s a million views inside of ethereal beauty from the ancient days of the earth.

This crystal ball was carved recently from a 1/4 billion-year-old gem crystal.

It has a slightly golden warm tone to the clear quartz.

11″ diameter   28 cm

69.7 pounds   31.7 kg crystal weight

Weight of granite base is 100 pounds or 45 kilograms.

Retail value:   $50,000

Sale price:   $39,500  includes granite stand or internally-lit cocobolo wood base for a desktop display.

All stands have lights inside.

Free delivery worldwide.