Herkimer & Tourmaline Volcano Sculpture


Herkimer County, in upstate New York, produces astoundingly complex and beautiful quartz points and clusters.
This gem was mined over 30 years ago, and is now available since I acquired an old collection of “Herks.”
Herkimers seldom exceed 1″ in length, making this 4″ tall crystal cluster, a rarity.

The growth of these ancient crystals is rapid and complex, resulting in many sculpted natural layers on the external facets and the interior.
Flawless condition!
I have taken this charming cluster (with smoke-like black carbon inclusions,) and mounted it on a Brazilian pink tourmaline/ white quartz “volcano.” The artwork represents the birth of the crystals in the fiery forges of the volcanic mountains of long-ago geological processes.
The stones are pinned together with a small, removable copper pipe.

Retail Value: $550

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