Epimorph of Drusy Amethyst over Calcite


This delicate cluster of thin amethyst and crystal stars has a unique geological history.
The original mineral grouping was a spiky cluster of long column-like crystals.
This “Columnar Calcite”, unaltered, shows as bright white spikes on the cluster.

A secondary growth phase at a higher temperature deposited a layer of tiny, faceted amethyst crystals on the calcite columns. This drusy amethystine quartz held its shape when the calcite later dissolved. Quartz crystals grew out the end of the amethyst, and re-crystallized into white radiating star shaped spiky crystal balls.
The vision of the white sparkly stars, poised on the end of glowing lilac columns, reminds me of Seattle’s Space Needle building.
At certain angles, you can see the inner crystal geometry of the hollow structures.
Being mostly hollow, this “rock” is much lighter than all the other stones.
These crystal shafts are all filled with air!
Delicate amethyst zones contrast with clear quartz tinged pink, by tiny hematite crystal inclusions.
8″ wide epimorphic amethyst replacing calcite, also known as an “encrustation pseudomorph”

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