Elestial Scepter Smoky Quartz Crystal 9



One of the Sceptered Elestial Citrine crystals.

These multi-faceted gems have handles “built in” for easy holding.

Clear champagne color with hundreds of elestial facets all around.
This double scepter has 3 layers of nested crystals, each a different color.
Height with stand  7.6″  19.3 cm

Height   6.5″  16.5 cm

Width   3.1″  7.8  cm

Depth   2.5″  6.3  cm

Weight   2 pounds   .92 kg

Weight with stand  2.8 pounds  1.278 kg

Please look at the photo with the US silver dollar coin (40 mm) for a size reference.

Retail Value: $750
Sale Price:       $650