Amethyst Flower Crystal Cdd 2.951


Amethyst Flower Crystal Cdd 2.951

This large amethyst flower is a rare, thin and delicate bloom of lilac crystals and white quartz.

The back is partly covered by green copper compounds, and allows light to shine through the whole cluster.

Thousands of tiny crystals form petals and sprays within the piece.

Endlessly fascinating, with an enormous amount of fine detail.

This Brazilian treasure sits on a shelf in 4 different positions. Enjoy a bouquet of amethyst today!

Height: 10 Inches 25.4 Cm
Width: 11.8 Inches 30 Cm
Depth: 8 Inches 20.3 Cm
2.95 Kilos
6.5 Pounds
Retail Value: $5,000
Sale Price: $4,280