65 -pound Clear Calcite Ball


10.5 ” Diameter
This large Brazilian pure calcite sphere has great clarity for its size.
You can see almost all the way through it.
Thee are many sheets of reflective rainbow colors inside, which guide you to the depths of enlightened mystery.
One end has stacks of grey pyramid-shaped calcite phantoms, floating against a clear lightly gold-tinted background.
The whole globe glows when lit from any direction.
It is shown in the photo, on a polished black granite and sparkly mica stand.
An LED lightbulb inside the pedestal gives the calcite orb a brilliant glow.

Retail Value with Granite Stand and USA Shipping: $9,000
Calcite Globe Only: $5,000 includes USA shipping

Please Note: Calcite is a MUCH softer mineral than quartz.
Over time, it can develop scratches, if not handled carefully.
This sphere has several abrasions from shipping and handling.
Our prices include re-polishing to a high gloss finish, and white glove installation.
Please allow 60 days for polishing and delivery after your order.
We also offer a discount for the sphere, if delivered “as is.”

For your ordering safety, we do not accept online payments.
Please phone, text or email Crystal Bill in California at
Phone/text 1-415-318-6717
[email protected]
We accept checks, PayPal, cards, bank wires and direct bank deposit at Wells Fargo.

All prices include USA shipping, or white-glove delivery in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area.
California customers add 9% sales tax.


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