Great Galloping Goethite Gem


This unusual 2″ iron cluster oxidized to a beautiful iridescent finish.
It’s not easy to show the lively visual nature of the gem in a single photo.
I hope you can see how the shiny iron/hydroxide glows.
Being pure metal, it is very heavy for its tiny size.
It displays a variety of vivid colors from the different sides.
Best viewed with lots of light!

You can see some of the pure silvery iron on one side.
To me, this looks like a detailed aerial view of a valley and mountains.
Perhaps on some other, shiny planet.

The iron crystals formed as bubbly shapes, more like grapes than perhaps anything.
This type of crystal is called “botryoidal.”
(pronounced Beau-tree-oy-dull)

This goethite (pronouncd grrrr-tite) has a distinctly biological look; perhaps a visitor from another planet showed up looking like a cluster of rainbow grapes.

Or I might expect to see these kinds of shapes in microscopic cells.
I hope the cells in my body look like this.
Shining with brilliance and color!
I do daily meditations to that effect- visualizing rainbow champagne bubbles filling up my body and my aura.
If you can visualize that, spin the bubbles around a lot while they pop with bursts of light and tiny fireworks.

Retail Value: $75

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